About the FEDA Data Repository

The FEDA Data Repository is an easy-to-use database of product information from foodservice equipment and supplies manufacturers. In creating this new database, FEDA worked with manufacturers and dealers to develop modern and uniform product data standards for each product attribute that will improve data accuracy and efficiency for the industry over time, as well as reduce costs.

As the Data Repository approaches its launch, FEDA is making more resources available to dealers and manufacturers. At the same time, the association is working directly with dealer and manufacturer groups to test the Data Repository and refine the data upload and extraction process to ensure all users can smoothly access and manage product information.

Manufacturers are encouraged to visit the Manufacturer Information page to find documents and videos that will help them understand how to create their product data and to view the required and optional data attributes for products.

Likewise, dealers may visit the Dealer Information page to view documents describing the available product attributes and read an overview on they will access product information through the Data Repository.

FEDA’s project consultant and staff are available to assist you with this work. Please find contact information at the Support link on this page.