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  • Practical strategies for setting short- and long-term business goals to help young professionals identify ways they can directly contribute to company operations while maintaining focus on the organization's strategic goals. Attendees will learn how to develop impactful goals, set realistic expectations, measure progress and ultimately achieve objectives. Earn 1 credit toward FEDA Leadership Certification.

  • Learn more about cybersecurity basics and what individuals can do to protect their company from online threats. The program was moderated by Rich Walsh, president and CEO of SmartSource Management, and featured insights from a panel of experts, including Matthew Eggers, vice president of cybersecurity policy and legislation for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce; James Rogers, CIO for KaTom Restaurant Supply; and Mary Ellen Seale, director, CEO and founder of the National Cybersecurity Society. Earn 1 credit toward FEDA Operations Certification.

  • Chef, restaurateur, New York Times Best Selling author and Emmy Award-winning TV host, Guy Fieri is one of the world’s most recognizable and influential culinary stars. Fieri shared how he helped lead an inspiring and successful campaign to support and rebuild the restaurant industry during and after COVID.

  • ​Young industry leaders learned how one company built a culture focused on diversity and inclusion, which included leadership’s strong commitment and accountability for creating opportunities for candidates of color, expanding global and diverse talent and building a more inclusive workplace.

  • Jason Bader talks with Ben Whitlock, president of Mobile Fixture, about how he got started in the foodservice equipment and supplies industry by cold calling customers and how a background in sports can help individuals become strong salespeople. That competitive drive helped Whitlock and Mobile Fixture overcome the challenges created by Hurricane Katrina and COVID-19 and prepare Whitlock and the company’s executive leadership to take over ownership earlier this year.

  • Jason Bader chats with Jameel Burkett, CEO of Ohio-based Burkett Restaurant Equipment & Supplies, about joining his family business just as it began to use the internet to reach customers and pivot from a focus on used equipment to affordable equipment for operators across the entire country. As that change occurred, Burkett explains how he developed his own philosophy of leadership over management and instilled a culture where every employee could feel as if they were the CEO of their space and was empowered to make decisions.

  • Jason Bader chats with the CEO of Grady's Foodservice Equipment & Supplies in Pueblo, CO, about coming home to the family business, creating space for second chances, and the rewards of letting go so others can step up.

  • Digital marketing technologies have become more integrated in organizations and sales teams over the past few years but the onset of the pandemic has made tools such as artificial intelligence and customer relationship management essential components to maintaining and growing a business. This Young Industry Leaders Open Forum discuss how young professional are using digital marketing tools in their positions and to help their organizations heighten their sales strategies. Earn 1 credit toward FEDA Digital Marketing Certification.

  • Throughout the pandemic, restaurants have received much of the press. But what about the suppliers behind the pizza joints, Thai carry-outs, and doughnut shops? How are the distributors fairing? Well, at least one of them is thriving through tough times. Patricia Bible, owner and CEO of KaTom Restaurant Supply in Kodak, Tennessee, joins Jason to discuss the other side of the hospitality industry. The company’s success is rooted in its dynamic leadership and service-oriented culture.

  • Few industries have weathered more storms during the pandemic than foodservice. From restaurants to suppliers, the pressure on this vibrant vertical to provide will not ease any time soon. Jason chats with Mason Greene, third-generation president of Hotel & Restaurant Supply, about how he’s fostering responsibility and encouraging innovation amidst challenges.