About the FEDA Video Marketing Center

The FEDA Video Marketing Center (VMC) is a platform that allows foodservice equipment and supplies manufacturers to seamlessly share video content with dealers to create customized marketing campaigns and sales team training.

The system is designed to be easy to use, taking only a few minutes to upload a video or to create a complete campaign entirely from scratch. Participating manufacturers can upload unlimited product videos and collateral resources — such as spec sheets, white papers and quizzes — into a virtual library accessible by all FEDA dealer members. Dealers then pick from those videos to create branded marketing or training campaigns that can be shared with operators or their sales teams through a link to a microsite or embedded into a web page. Videos and the corresponding collateral that are part of the VMC cannot be modified by dealers, ensuring that messaging remains consistent from manufacturer to dealer to end user.

It's easy to get started. Simply reach out to FEDA Membership Manager Isabelle Piotrowski at isabelle@feda.com.